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What is your true-life purpose?

What is your true-life purpose? Why are you here? Who are you to serve? Where are you in your true-life purpose? How will you implement your true-life goal? Learn the secret keys to finding your true-life purpose in the upcoming book entitled “Why Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit?” by Anne M. Logan. Watch for the launching date in June 2018!

Managing your anger!

Please realize that you may shy away from looking at your anger. Our investigation will not be straightforward but will be as tight as peeling an onion. Why?

An example is seen as I’m writing this manuscript. I found my mind drifting to the birth of my niece’s son and my desire to be a mother. Tears began flowing while my brain remembered the focus of my anger, and my heart reflected how my ex-husband refused to go for a sperm count. He would not discuss why he declined. I remember that I was furious and turned to overeating foods for comfort. This morning tears are running down my cheeks, and I realize that I need to manage my anger.

What is your anger? Please pause to consider. Thank you.

The Choice

When the painful crisis occurred, you may have sought help to deal with the pain or not. The choice of nothing was seen as you may had chosen to manage multiple other matters. Now the time has arrived that your reality is you want to heal your heart. You may have asked the question, ‘Why should I bother to heal?’#the.choice #WhyshouldIbothertoheal? #dealornot