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Our Reality

Our reality may be fear of letting go of our past pain affect our present and future goals. Yes, our concern is identifying the pain. This discomfort may be caused by a divorce, death of a loved one, injuries from a car accident, or anything that hurts.

Do you need time to identify your pain that is blocking the creation of your goals? Let’s take a moment to reflect.

I would come back next week to hear your reflection if your pain prevented you from creating your goals.


Empowering awareness is that you discover your short and long-term goals. The past goals are not necessary; however, your future ones are! It doesn’t matter what another person thinks about your goals. It’s your reality of accepting and going for your goals to obtain your true-life purposes.

Shall we take another step towards your true-life purpose? Yes! You can.

What is the next step?

Please understand that we are ‘growing’ our true-life purpose. The GROW method is to follow the path labeled as the following:

G – Goals set your short and long-term goals.

R – Discover what is reality or the problems faced that block your goals.

O – Search for the opportunities to take towards your goals.

W – Ask what’s my action within the next three days?

The second step after identifying our goals is to study our reality. By analyzing our existence, we explore what things or people that prevent us from reaching our goals. I request you to look at the obstacles this week. I’ll check with you next week about your assessment of your current reality. Thank you!


How Did You Define Your True-life Purpose?

How did you define your true-life purpose?

“I can’t figure out my true-life purpose.” Or maybe you are dissatisfied with your choice.

I understand your struggle as I had the same problem; however, I discovered how to explore by asking the six questions: who, what, when, where, how, and why? Can you consider answering those quests?

For some example, please who would be involved in your true-life purpose?

I will check on you next week. Good luck! I have faith in you!

Our Progress on Our Long and Short-term Goals

Considering our progress on our long and short-term goals, I feel we chat with our higher spirits, mine is God, about what we chose. We communicate our fears, frustrations, joys, and loves while selecting our move forward or backward. I believe we live our lives with our minds engaging our knowledge, skills, talents, abilities, and other gifts known as hard work, determination, and luck.
While working on our goals, we may run, walk, or crawl to another fork in the life journey. Then, our selection considers right or left, proceed to find our selection led to a detour and then sign to turn around. Feeling overwhelmed, we either sit down, walk back to the fork, then consider what to do.
What shall we choose our true-life path? Let’s take a moment to think.

How was your progress on a long-term goal?

What was your progress writing your long-term goal? I imagine you struggled, but you found a long-term goal. Your long-term goal may reflect to take a European trip, to take a recreational class, to exercise more per day, to lose weight, or something different. Great! Let’s move to the next action.

The next step is to consider a short-term goal related to your long-term one. An example may reflect that the long-term goal was to travel to Denmark during the 2019 fall months. The short-term goal would reflect to call a travel agent in three days.

Another example could be to lose fifty pounds in a year. The immediate goal would be to consider one small action such as drink one glass of water extra each day. Ah, that is too simple may reflect your response. Right? Yes, it is a small goal, but obtainable!

Please pause and consider these thoughts. Have you made many goals and not achieved them? Would you love to be successful in one big goal by doing smaller goals? Now, let’s re-consider would your short-term goal be?

I will be back next week and check-in on your progress on writing a short-term goal. If you desire, write a comment below! Thank you!

What Was Your Long-term Goal?

What was your long-term goal? Career? Education? Personal? Are you still struggling to figure it out?

Please pause and consider this thought. If I had a magic wand and could grant anything you desired, what would it be? Why not reach for it? What would your long-term goal be?

I will be back next week and check-in on your progress on writing a long-term goal. If you desire, write a comment below! Thank you.